Fred Durst may have done a lot of things for “the nookie,” but the Limp Bizkit frontman agreed to be a guest on Corey Feldman Presents: Corey’s Angels Talk Live because he and Feldman are friends.

As we at TVMix all know, FilmOn’s Beverly Hills TV studio is a crazy place, full of surprises and unexpected antics. As we learned from Feldman last week after the premiere of his very first episode on FilmOn, the TV personality, musician and former child star embraces the unpredictable.

Feldman and Durst have known each other for a long time, and most recently, collaborated on a track on Feldman’s new album, as well as joining together on stage during a Bizkit show last spring for a cover of Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean.” Feldman’s Angelic 2 The Core comes out in May and the track is called “Seamless.”

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Following the opening half of Feldman’s show which featured the requisite casting call for new Angels, Durst joined the live cast. He impressed the crowd with his moonwalking skills and took live questions from the FilmOn audience. Plenty of fans called in to express their love of Durst’s music and his influence on the industry.

After a few prank calls, the angels running around half naked in the streets, and a crude  comedic performance from Samuel Sullivan — not to  mention Feldman’s theme of the day being “Satan,” and his jokes about Justin Bieber being a lizard person — Durst was overwhelmed with the weirdness. He joked that his agent would fire him and declared his experience on the show as “too weird.”

Durst could not be coerced to perform live, but reluctantly agreed this might happen in the future.

Durst is about to embark on a UK tour with Limp Bizkit and says a few projects in the works, though he is not at liberty to discuss those details yet.

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