Ginger Clam’s fave little tennis bad boy, Nick ‘tantrums and tampons’ Kyrgios has been creating more havoc on the tennis court. Once again, the attention scored has nothing to do with his tennis. This time it’s all about his game…

Having been dumped out of the US Open singles tournament by Andy Murray, Kyrgios was back in action in the mixed doubles. Unsurprisingly, the testosterone-filled mischief-maker chose the hottest female player to play with – Eugenie Bouchard. Cue on-court scenes resembling embarrassing teens on a first date.

The flirtatious giggles, bumps and nudges had social media in uproar as the sexual tension upped through the game. Lusty behaviour helped spur the duo onto victory in the first round match against two other losers we couldn’t be bothered to look up.

Twitter comments during the game were priceless:

‘Bouchard and Kyrgios’ mixed doubles match feels more like a first date – sexual tension through the roof!’ wrote one amused user.

‘So much flirting I thought I was watching The Bachelor by mistake’ wrote another.

Bouchard was gushing about Kyrgios after the game. “He’s a really funny guy,” she said giggling. “I was laughing like the whole time.” Wait until you see him naked, love, then you’ll really be sniggering.

“He’s very nice and humble,” continued Bouchard post game. “I think he’s so funny and interesting, and good for the game, so I support him.”

That’s fine, just don’t sleep with him, sweet cheeks – given his track record he’ll be harping about it on court and humiliating you in front of a global audience. Sheer class.

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