$54 Million Dollars Awarded By Judge Michelle Court Who Failed to Disclose her Illicit Relationships with Disgraced Lawyers Tom Girardi Congressman Adam Schiff and Gloria Allred

TVMix has received copies of FISA Court Documents filed in a Secret Washington DC Court by murdered Los Angeles Attorney Phillip Kaye. The Statements herein are extracted from the evidence put together by Lawyers whose profession was grossly impacted by Tom Girardi’s corruption of the State Bar of California. Lawyers who wish to have Phillip Kaye’s memory honored by having Tom Girardi and Gloria Allred and brought to justice.  The gross misconduct in the Civil Court trial of Mahim Kahn Vs Alki David and Co is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. 

Alki David faces off against Oren J Warshavsky of Baker Hosteler one of Allred’s
lawyers during this $54 Million Dollar Debtor’s Examination
Yellowstone Mountain Club Hidden Cameras Recorded Judges and Government Officials Having Orgies With Prosititutes
Owned by Tom Girardi

Alki David Rage Quits When Oren J Warshavsky of Baker Hosteler demands handover of Alki David’s cellphone

Michelle Court was a lone-practitioner in Los Angeles and had failed at least two times in an effort to become a Superior Court Judge until Lawyer Tom Girardi and Gloria Allred fixed Court’s position at the Stanley Mosk Court House in Downtown Los Angeles.
Alki David was the target for Allred and Girardi’s Scam which included former State Bar Chief Joe Dunn who recently settled privately with the State Bar of California for $4 Million Dollars, over Dunn’s dismissal from the top job at the State Bar.
“Michelle Court had several failed attempts at becoming a Superior Court Judge and originally went to Girardi and Allred because Judge Michelle Court’s husband, was allegedly beating her and she wanted legal and professional help”. Said one of the Lawyers close to the Case. Judge Court is now facing an FBI indictment for her role in the attempted fraud of Media Mogul Alki David.
Allred’s daughter and co-conspirator Lisa Bloom shadowed Tom Girardi for years. Allred and Girardi both graduated Loyola School of Law in Hollywood. Girardi now disbarred and facing indictment for stealing $2 Million Dollars from Handicapped Kids, was for many years known to corrupt the State Bar of California with Sex parties at a Brothel in Montana called the Yellowstone Mountain Club Lodge.
Many Los Angeles Judges and State Bar Officials were over the years video-taped having sex with men and women trafficked in from Las Vegas by the owners of the Hotel which included Tom Girardi.

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