“Very Angry and Very Old Lawyers Who Worked with Tom Girardi Have Vowed Revenge on Girardi, Adam Schiff and Gloria Allred”

Tom Girardi who was recently disbarred for Bribery and Corruption of the State Bar as well as stealing Millions of dollars from handicapped children he once represented, has a long line of dismembered legal careers in California, where Girardi once reigned supreme.

Any lawyer who got in Girardi’s way would summarily get disbarred in hushed-up court proceedings. One such lawyer Phillip Kaye was murdered on his Motorbike in San Fransisco but before having filed all of the supporting evidence to this article to a secret FISA Court in Washington DC.

Even Loyola Law School in Hollywood where Girardi first met Gloria Allred, 60 years ago, who would later become his alter ego in dealing with Girardi’s total perversion of Justice and obliteration of the California State Bar. “Lawyers in LA call it (referring to Loyola), the Girardi School of Law”

“No one is clean. None of them.” said one lawyer who will remain anonymous as John Doe. “Girardi’s hands are all over everyone. Everyone at the State Bar is dirty in as much as most Judges took money from Girardi and countless favors from Girardi which included drug-fueled sex orgies at the Yellowstone Mountain Club in Montana.

“The real dark secrets hidden by Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred, Disgraced Ex Police Chief Leroy Baca, Congressman Adam Schiff, and Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States. Also implicated in the massive conspiracy is Chief Justice George appointed by Ronald Reagan who colluded with Girardi in a number of cover-up schemes.”

But best of all is saved for last. Amongst the treasure trove of incredible evidence of what must be one of the most disturbing cases of criminal corruption ever known, is the stinking pile of SWIFT money transfers between Kamala Harris’ money man, one Raymod Jallow and former Head of Treasury under O’Bama, one Mr. Tony West aka Kamala Harris’ brother-in-law.

And as if any of this was anything to freak out about just wait till you hear this.

For decades now, Congressman Adam Schiff (who has been running an illegal AT&T wire-tapping service out of a house on University of California at Irvine CA), has with now disgraced Sherrif Leroy Baca and Tom Girardi, sold back impounded drugs to the drug Cartels they initially took them from! Oh yes… and using Gloria Allred as his go-between the Cartels.

Coming up next… How did Raymond Jallow get hold of $90 Billion Dollars and gave some to Kamala Harris?

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