Ginger Clam got very excited when she heard rumours that Rihanna may have been the latest celebrity hacking victim… Sadly, it turns out that new music – rather than sumptuous pictures of the sexy star – is the content rumoured to be leaked.

The track reportedly hit is called World in Peace and it has just surfaced online.

So far the sexy singer has declined to respond to the rumours. She is currently on vacation in St Barts and seems more concerned with posting voluptuous photographs of herself in a bikini on Instagram, rather than worrying what dodgy cyber dudes are up to.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reports that the song is rumoured to be a demo of a cut from Rihanna’s new album.

St Barts seems to be the place for celebrity sexiness this year. Yesterday we reported that Leo DiCaprio was on the island with a bevvy of beauties. Let’s hope poor Rihanna does not fall prey to his bearded charms. Leaked music would then be the least of her worries then.

RiRi, don’t go near Leo’s dodgy boat – you’ve seen how Titanic ended.

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