Ok, so the original was cute – but the spoof version is a **** of a lot funnier! If you are anything like us here at Ginger Clam on TV Mix, then you’ll have been unmoved by the hype surrounding Disney’s animated movie Frozen.

The film’s hit song still seems to be sung everywhere this winter and it’s driving us kinda nuts. So when we discovered an alternative version of the film we laughed like a drain in a thunderstorm. It’s been around for quite a while on social media but it just gets better every time you watch it.

The video mash-up by a dude called Jake Vale, inspired by ‘The Late Show’, has given ‘Frozen’ a censorship makeover. Vale has edited together choice parts of the film and used a standardised bleep and blur effect to cover strategic parts of conversation.

The effect is hilarious! By simply placing the bleep over choice scenes it makes your minds assume the worst, and it leaves you whistling away to ‘Do you want to f*** a snowman!’ Watch and enjoy..

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