How would you react if a guy whipped out his dick and took a pee in an elevator in which you were riding?

Here at Ginger Clam we’d be pretty pissed off – so we can understand why tempers got a little heated in this prank video from SoFlo Comedy.

The jokers arranged for a dude to pretend that he was bursting for a leak – before letting things flow in the confined space of a public elevator.

He was actually using a hidden water bottle but that didn’t stop several victims getting irate and attempting to vent their anger.

The resulting viral video is now notching up thousands of plays on YouTube. The footage is being billed as a ‘social experiment’ but we’re not sure quite what it proves – apart from the fact that people don’t like being pissed over, but hey it’s f***ing funny.

* You can watch more crazy footage at, the social site where there are thousands of great clips to choose from.

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