A hilarious prank video shows what happened when a pair of crazy dudes decided to cause chaos on a golf course – much to the annoyance of their fellow sportsmen.

The jokers from from the YouTube channel BigDawsTV decided to inject some extra excitement into their game by pulling some outrageous s*** on the green.

Their stunts included hosting a sword fight between a pair of fake Spartans, the finale of which saw the winner squat down and let rip with a fart in his opponent’s face.

In another sequence, a prankster uses a leaf-blower on the green to dislodge golf balls – which infuriates a frustrated golfer so much that he grabs the machine and breaks it!

Then there’s the golf ball that turns into smoke when it’s struck while a player practises his swing.

It’s pathetic, it’s juvenile … and it’s f***ing hilarious.

Watch the whole video below, and for lots of other funny footage go to BattleCam.com, where there are hundreds of great clips to choose from.


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