People resort to all kinds of martial arts and self-defence classes in order to make sure that they can defend themselves during a fight.

However scientists – or to be more precise, dopey pranksters – have now come up with a much simpler and cost effective way of defeating the opponent during a scramble.

The only weapon needed is an animal shaped thong!

Yes, that’s right, a trio of pranksters took to the streets in order to start fights with people. And once it started to get heated they decided to drop their shorts and reveal their undies.

Surprisingly, the trick seems to work every time but when you think about it, how would you react if some geezer called you ugly before he wacked out a crocodile shaped thong?

That’s right, you’d probably think the guy was a mental patient who could quite easily be capable of all doing all sorts.

Watch the prank below. Meanwhile, got to for hundreds of online videos.

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