A female prankster has decided to turn the tables on men who wolf whistle – and she’s taken it upon herself to stop sexual harassment on the streets.

The Peru-based joker enlisted the help of the hecklers’ own mothers – who took to the streets in disguises where their sons were hanging out.

The result is a hilarious prank video with a serious point. As the first incognito mother walks past her son, she can hear him say: “Tasty panties!”

She then turns around and confronts him with anger. She cannot believe that the rumours of her son being less than a gentleman are true.

The second guy is even more outrageous. As his mum walks past you can hear him say: “Hello Piggy.” Yes, that’s right, he called his own mother a pig!

She understandably reacts with frustration, as she tells him that she is ashamed that he is her son.

The video has been a massive success online, racking up over six and a half million views on YouTube.

Watch the footage below. Meanwhile, go to FilmOn.com for hundreds of free online TV channels.

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