You gotta hand it to Tom Cruise – the guy knows how to put bums on seats.

The 53-year-old star clings to a military transport plane as it takes off at 160mph in the new Mission Impossible movie – and he admits he was terrified while shooting the amazing stunt.

With alarming frankness, Tom provides a voiceover to the breathtaking sequence in a YouTube video, during which he reveals: “I’m feeling the force of the wind hit me. I’m actually scared s***less.”

You can see the stunt in the video below.

“I couldn’t sleep the night before, and then came the day and I was like, ‘okay – it’s really going to happen,’ ” adds Crusie.

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation is released in movie theaters later this month. Ginger Clam hasn’t been this excited since she watched David Hasselhoff getting all hot and sweaty with his meat in a burger!

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