It’s not easy getting attention in the Kardashian family. Dad gets a vajayjay, big sis is makin’ whoopee with a famous basketball player, other big sis makin’ babies with Kanye… That’s just all in a quiet week.

Kendall decided to demand some headlines of her own yesterday by revealing a newly pierced nip nip. Ginger Clam is so proud of our little girl, how grown up!

The reality star revealed her newly skewered satsuma as she walked the red carpet at the ESPY awards. The flash of booby metal caught Clam’s eye and made her so happy. Maybe she’ll get a matching one downstairs for her beef curtains as well? That could be a beautiful combo set.

Unfortunately for Kendall, little sister Kylie had already tried the pierced nip look a few months before. She will never be quite as ‘grungy chic’ as her younger sister.

The big question is what Kendall’s mom/pop Caitlyn will make of the jewellery? Perhaps he’ll try a piercing on his new boobies as well? Those puppies cost a fortune so he may as well get good value for money and bling those bad boys up.

You can check out Kendall’s metal nip clip by clicking here. If you’re a total perv and want to compare it to Kylie’s then you can check that out here.

The girls should be careful when travelling through airports. When Ginger Clam got her clam pierced she made the security scanners light up like a Christmas tree. Although the security search of her special area was well worth missing the flight for.

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