Most people might wanna hide after being sacked and hang their heads in shame as they leave their former workplace with their confidence dented.

But we all know there’s at least a small part of every broken person that wants to go absolutely f***ing mental – and every now and then that small part takes control.

In an absolutely hilarious video filmed in a McDonald’s restaurant in Minnesota, an unnamed employee decided that he was not gonna let it slide. He was NOT ‘Lovin It’ – in fact he was f***ing hating it!

The video starts mid-way through a massive rant, where the person who has apparantly just been sacked is throwing whatever meets his eyes whilst shouting.

Despite it being hard to tell exactly what he is saying, you can clearly hear the words: “I tried to be nice. I asked for my money,” as well as “You treat me like s***, I get treated like s***.”

Towards the end he points to the floor and tells someone who we can only assume is the manager: “You did that. You did that.”

We don’t know what happened next – but the video is now notching up millions of plays around the world after going viral.

Watch and enjoy – for more great clips go to You can also watch live TV on the web for free at – where there are hundreds of great channels to choose from.

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