We’ve seen a lot of outrageous shit online – but this story really takes things to the extreme.

The latest dude to take the internet by storm is a video prankster who calls himself Tyrone. He’s driven audacity to a whole new level by walking up to strangers and telling them that he’s there to have sex with somebody’s wife.

Now, if a 5ft 4in skinny guy with glasses was to do this, he might end up in a coffin, so it’s convenient that Tyrone is a giant of a man.

Unfortunately for the victims this means that there is limited scope for retaliation, and in most cases the guy has to just sit there and take it.

Watch a compilation of Tyrone’s outrageous stunts below. It’s not pleasant – but we gotta admit it is kinda funny – watch below (contains strong language).

* Meanwhile,  if you like watching crazy shit then go to BattleCam.com, the anti-social network where you watch great clips, stunts and live entertainment.


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