A gorgeous blonde on a beach is always bound to attract attention – but how will guys react if they discover that she’s secretly got a man-package lurking in her bikini?

Ok so it’s a crude prank, but here at Ginger Clam we never let bad taste get in the way of covering an important story.

In a new viral video, a bunch of jokers set out to see would happen if a beach babe flirted with some dudes before giving them a meaty surprise. Just as they were getting friendly by rubbing sun lotion in her loins, hey presto, she pretends to have a dick and balls!

Yes folks, it seems there’s an unexpected item in the bagging area.

The result is a hilarious viral video that’s attracting thousands of plays on YouTube: watch and enjoy.

* If you love watching great pranks and other crazy shit then check out BatteCam.com.

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