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James Bond is Jewish? Who knew? That’s the Everybody Loves Raymond’s, creator/writer/director/producer and actor’s quirky take. (He’s also a restauranteur, Whew!) Phil Rosenthal and Funny Or Die’s Mike Farah, teamed up with Patton Oswalt for a hilarious spoof: Jewish James Bond. TV Mix spoke to Phil and asked him why FOD? Phil replied, “Funny Or Die does the funniest videos on the Internet. The Obama one with Zach Galifianakis, Between Two Ferns, was one of the cleverest videos ever made.”

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Phil’s take highlights the pervasive violence in our society in a satiric way. Phil says, “There is a point to it. Maybe there is too much violence not only in our movies, but also in our culture. I like the fact that the video had a point to it, something sweet and not cynical.” Why this now? Phil answered, “Patton and I were kidding around one night and I started doing that character of the Jewish James Bond. He then went into villain mode. I told him I just met Mike at FOD but had no ideas yet.

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It all came together when the news came out that Harvey Weinstein was no longer going to do violent films. I thought, “Harvey Weinstein presents a new kind of Bond? Now we think Harvey should stick to his word, no more violence, and actually produce that whole Bond movie.” Phil happily made time in his crammed schedule to fete his good pal, the legendary Carl Reiner at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival’s, LAJFF, opening night gala in Beverly Hills the other night. Carl was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award, to which Carl quipped, “This will hang in my house where I can see it everyday, so I think I’m somebody.” 92 year old Carl, has a new book coming out–his previous books were bestsellers–called, I Just Remembered.

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The indefatigable Carl was cracking up, along with his sidekick Phil, the packed, enamored rapt audience the entire night. Between Phil’s way funny video and Carl’s genius new book, true comedy fans will be laughing for a good long while.

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