If you thought Seth Rogen and jokes about weed, semen and Passover were a recipe for success, you were wrong. But don’t feel bad, so was everyone at Saturday Night Live.

It’s hard to tell exactly where things went wrong in last weekend’s episode. Rogen has all the qualities of a Saturday Night Live dream host: great comedic timing, a BFF named James Franco, and two episodes already under his belt. But somehow, none of that mattered.

Things were off to a promising start but quickly crashed down with disappointment. The show opener had all the makings of a winning sketch: Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush at Coachella, two square Republicans trying painfully hard to win over the kings and queens of cool. They failed miserably. So did the sketch.

But if anyone can redeem an episode of SNL from a bad opening, it’s Seth Rogen. Unfortunately he chose to make it worse and pretended not to want “help from his friends” like Zooey Deschanel and James Franco. And then – you guessed it – Deschanel, Franco AND Taylor Swift made cameos.

It was just downhill from there. The only funny skit of the night happened to be one that Rogen wasn’t even in. Instead, Franco stole the spotlight in ‘Monster Pals’, a story about a monster who gets surgery to look human. Other bits that could have been hilarious but weren’t included the CNN pregnancy test, Blue River Dog Food, and Undercover Sharpton.

But even those were more tolerable than the last half of the show, when shit just got awkward. There were sketches we’d just rather forget about forever, like the engagement party where Rogen played a character that had a one-time sexual experience with another dude but spent the party insisting that he wasn’t gay. In another, he teamed up with Kenan Thompson to play the owners of a sperm bank who turn their business into a TCBY. Yes, there really were jokes about semen coming out of the frozen yogurt dispensers.

Rogen is the guy who spoofed Kanye and Kim Kardashian on the motorbike. It takes a lot of work to make him NOT funny. And that’s why Lorne Michaels needs to put these SNL writers in a time out.

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