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A 40-year-old mother of two has decided to start a yoga class taught to the soothing sounds of…Justin Bieber.

Toronto native Roseanne McCollum fell in love with the Biebs in 2010 when her youngest daughter, who was in kindergarten at the time, brought the pop star’s music home. Since then, it’s clear that McCollum has been a firm Belieber, especially since she now teaches a class called yogaBiebs. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

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The certified yoga instructor has been teaching classes for 14 years (or since the object of her affection was five) and realized that the music used in classes doesn’t always have to be all soothing and new age. Sorry guys, you won’t be hearing the 19-year-old’s breakout hit, “Baby,” in class anytime soon, as McCollum uses songs with a calmer tempo to inspire her students’ Downward Dogs, like “One Life” and “Bad Day”, according to Huffington Post Canada.

McCollum’s love for Bieber has gone much further than just her home and work lives; she even has the musician’s hands in the shape of a heart tattooed on her shoulder. If that’s not love and commitment, we don’t know what is. Namaste. Actually, WTF. That’s bananas.

YogaBiebs takes place every Wednesday in the Roncy neighborhood at the Village Healing Centre, for all you Beliebers in the Toronto area looking to de-stress to Justin Bieber. We’re still not exactly sure why you would want to though.

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