Kanye West might seem soft as a fart – with even Taylor Swift seemingly able to beat his rump – but, amidst chaotic scenes at LAX yesterday, the star proved to the world that he has some balls.

As per usual, Kanye was swamped by paparazzi as he arrived into the airport. However, during the melee, a huge fight kicked off between two photographers. When Kanye spotted the fracas he turned into Robin Hood and dived into the action.

Our hero star managed to separate the two snappers before finally ending up in a warm hug with one of the grateful wounded warriors.

Fans and photographers who were watching the chaotic scenes gave Kanye a round of applause, the love was well and truly raining down on the superstar. Clam hasn’t been this proud since Bieber found his first pube.

Kanye’s welcome behaviour is a little different to previous arrivals at LAX. In June 2013 Kanye scuffled with photographer Daniel Ramos when he tried to take the star’s pic. Kanye ended up being sentenced to two years probation on a misdemeanor battery conviction. He also had to attend 24 anger management sessions.

It seems the sessions worked, instead of punching paparazzi the rapper has now learned to hug and protect them.

We prefer the nasty KW, please return soon, bad boy.

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