Ginger Clam thinks the sign of a good relationship is intimacy, having your wife pick your bum is a wonderful moment.

It’s a tough job, but it seems somebody had to do it. Wipe those filthy thoughts from your mind, Clam fans. What actually happened is that Kim chose the big juicy butt that is proudly displayed on Kanye’s new album cover.

The ass in question is Kimtastic in size, however the reality star has confirmed that she is not the owner – she just picked the bum.

It belongs to model Sheniz Halil. A source close to KK said:

‘Ye wanted Kim involved in his new album so he let her pick the butt model. As they say… do what you know, and Kim knows ass.’

She certainly does know ass, she married one.

Kanye’s new album is called ‘Life of Pablo’ and has been heralded as ‘the greatest album of all time’. By nobody but himself.

Clam still loves you Kanye, having the world’s hottest lady pick your butt shows you remain the top dawg.

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