Ginger Clam could understand Kim K cockblocking her hubby, but rockblocking? That seems a step too far.

According to the latest reports, Kim has put the brakes on Kanye going on tour this year.

“Kim wants Kanye to stay home or travel only with her because she is sick of him not being around,” a ‘family insider’ told Radar.

“Though touring pays very well, she would rather Kanye be with her than making big bucks on the road,” the source continued.

Radar also reports that Kim is ‘terrified’ of Kanye cheating because of ‘fear prompted by scorned sister Khloe’. Ooh, how dramatic! But what other girl is going to put up with crackers Kanye?!

Anyway, as usual, it looks like Kim has got what Kim wants. Rumours have been flying since the start of the year that Kanye would tour, but he has only managed to name one performance – in the Big Apple next month.

Ginger Clam thinks that Kanye should grow some grapes and tell his wifey where to stick it. Kanye gotta do his thang and keep his fans dancing.

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