It seems like there’s been no let up in the rift between US reality queen Kendra Wilkinson and her estranged mother.

Kendra, 29, has taken time out from patching up her reported marriage difficulties with husband Hank Baskett to appear on British TV show  ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!’

The former Playboy model is currently living it rough in the Australian jungle with a bunch of fellow reality stars. But the star’s mom Patti is not impressed.

Patti, who lives in San Diego where Kendra grew up, said she heard about the show through a friend – and she questioned who is looking after former model’s two young children, who are aged five and six months.

While TV Mix feels sure the kids are being well-cared for, it hasn’t stopped Patti re-igniting her war of words with her daughter.

Patti told The Sun: “Kendra and I have no contact. We do not talk, it’s really sad. I want to back out of all that Hollywood stuff – it has destroyed my family. I don’t think she cares. She has written us off.”

Referring to ‘I’m A Celebrity’, Patti added: “:One of my friends told me (about it). My question would be only, ‘Who’s taking care of the children?’ ”

Meanwhile, Kendra has been impressing the Brits by bathing in the jungle in her bikini, but she’s been less than happy with being covered in bugs and insects during the show’s activity trials.

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* If you’re wondering who the cute cartoon character is next to Kendra in our photo, it’s Ginger Clam – TV Mix’s celebrity gossip and social media columnist.




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