It seems safe to say that Robin Thicke is getting over his ex-wife – reports reach TV MIX that ‘a hot model who’s either 19 or 20’ has been posting photographs from the star’s bedroom.

TMZ claims that the young lady in question is April Love Geary. In her most recent interview, the model reportedly said she was 19 – almost half Thicke’s age. To be fair to Miss Geary, if you are going to have a sugar daddy it may as well be a beardy old pop star.

It seems that Geary was one of the ‘four hot girls’ that benefitted from Thicke’s $2,800 Halloween spending spree on lingerie recently. The model posted a photograph of herself taken from Thicke’s bedroom whilst dressed in a skimpy costume.

Ginger Clam is delighted that Thicke is living like a wild rock star – given the total disaster of his last album it seems likely he’ll not have the status for much longer.

Thicke’s ex-wife, Paula Patton, is said to be dating again so everyone is a winner. Probably.

“Everything is good between Paula and Robin,” a source told E! News. “It really is amicable and they’re getting along.”

Thicke and Patton recently appeared together at a Los Angeles playground with their son. The couple share joint custody over their child so all looks amicable. And at least Daddy’s new girlfriends will be the right age to help the kid with his homework.

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