In an exclusive interview with ZEITmagazin, Kevin Spacey opens up about his current circumstances and reveals a sense of optimism and hope for a potential revival of his acting career. Despite the serious sexual assault charges brought against him one year ago in London, the acclaimed Oscar winner maintains his innocence as he prepares for the upcoming trial, scheduled to commence on June 28.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding his future, Spacey firmly believes that there are individuals within the industry who are ready to offer him acting opportunities once he is cleared of the charges. In the face of potential backlash, Spacey acknowledges the fear that some may have in supporting him but remains confident that there are people who are willing to stand by him and move forward together. He asserts, “The moment I am cleared of these charges in London, they’re ready to hire me and embark on new projects.”

Spacey draws strength from the positive encounters he has with his fans on the streets, highlighting the unwavering support and affection he receives from the public. While the media has painted a negative image of him, Spacey refuses to let it define him. Instead, he maintains his resilience and focuses on the unwavering affection and support he receives from his loyal followers.

During the interview, Spacey acknowledges the initial sexual assault allegation made by actor Anthony Rapp in 2017. However, he emphasizes the positive outcome of a New York jury ruling in his favor last October. The jury found no evidence to support Rapp’s claim of molestation during his teenage years, resulting in the dismissal of a $40 million civil lawsuit. Additionally, other sexual assault charges filed against Spacey in Los Angeles and Nantucket were dropped due to unfortunate circumstances surrounding the alleged victims.

When asked about the numerous accusations made against him, Spacey admits that he is still processing the situation and is not yet ready to delve into it in detail. However, he firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, and in due course, it will all make sense. Rather than seeking revenge or engaging in futile battles, Spacey expresses his lack of interest in fighting against something he deems unworthy.

While Spacey currently does not have any high-profile projects lined up, he recently lent his voice to the upcoming thriller film, “Control.” Director Gene Fallaize, who cast Spacey, commends the actor’s dedicated fan base and their continued support. Spacey acknowledges that taking on a voice role in “Control” was not something he would have considered before the allegations. However, he sees it as an opportunity to start anew, refusing to let his talents go to waste. Determined to avoid complacency and keep his skills sharp, Spacey states, “Just because I was sidelined for a while, I’m not going to stopworking. I don’t want to lose my edge. I’m ready.”

In this exclusive interview with ZEITmagazin, Kevin Spacey showcases his unwavering optimism and resilience amid ongoing sexual assault charges. 

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