Hallelujah, the world has been blessed with one more Kardashian. Ginger Clam was hiding under Kim’s bed as she pushed out baby number two today, Kanye was in the background yelping like a school girl.

Excitement rippled around the world as news spread of the new arrival. Kim’s website crashed when she announced the baby update, fans rushed to send the famous couple warm wishes.

Now the big question is what kind of a stupid ass name the poor kid is going to get hit with. It would be hard to top a name as ridiculous as North West, but K & K will no doubt be determined to try.

Feel free to send Ginger Clam your new name suggestions. Our current favourites are Ding Dong, Flapper and Ginger Alsatian.

Kanye will probably just open up the dictionary and pick whatever name catches his eye first. The world awaits with baited breath.

Kim spread the good news via Instagram, posting a picture of her and Kanye holding hands.

Kanye will have to take a break from sucking on Kim’s mighty bazookas and let the little nipper take over for a while. Don’t let that news spoil your day, dude. Ginger Clam sends her best wishes.

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