Wowing Nashville and Hollywood simultaneously, Jimmy Kimmel and Hologram USA produced a feat of ‘dual telepresence’ beaming ABC late night host Kimmel from his Hollywood soundstage to Nashville where the Country Music Awards were going on. And also beaming the band Florida Georgia Line and star Kacey Musgraves from Tennessee to California. The life like experience was the center piece of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC and showed off the patented technology that Hologram USA is using across the nation for everything from entertainment to politics.

The project took several months with Hologram USA’s David Nussbaum working closely with Kimmel’s producers.

“I’m feeling very futuristic right now,” Musgraves said while the CMAs were in progress. “This is crazy.”

Then she picked his nose, and felt his brain. And then he felt her hair before magically shrinking the singer to just 12 inches tall.

Holograms are the most sought after entertainment spectacle now with many trying to get in on the game. Hologram USA, which is owned by Greek billionaire Alki David, holds the exclusive North American patent to the only life like, HD projection technology. It’s the same tech, invented by Uwe Maass, that created the famous Tupac Shakur hologram at Coachella, and the successful political campaign of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hologram USA recently used it to help Julian Assange virtually escape the Ecuadorian embassy in London to speak at a conference in Nantucket (where he bashed Google.)

The Kimmel holograms were such a success, Hologram USA said, that talks began immediately with Kimmel and ABC for future projects. Hologram USA also promised new announcements from the “dead celebrity resurrection” side of things soon.

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