The man with the tightest shirt and trousers apparently has the fattest wallet. Alongside poodle-haired shock jock Howard Stern, Simon Cowell has been named as the top-earning showbiz figure in America, each reportedly earning a cool £59 million last year.

The Rich List published by Forbes also named Cowell’s fellow Brit and foul-mouthed potato-face Gordon Ramsey in the top ten, reportedly earning £29 million!

Meanwhile 55 year old Cowell has been celebrating the success of all his remaining acts in the UK version of The X Factor whilst fellow judge Mel B suffers backlash from Jack Walton who got the chop at the weekend.

Jack the 18-year old lad from Yorkshire was forthright about why his mentor, digging into  Mel B’s song choices by saying:

‘I want everyone to know what people saw on X Factor was not anything what you would see at a gig.’ he told Metro ‘I enjoyed the show, it were amazing. But don’t expect Eye Of the Tiger at a gig. It’s not going to happen.’

Viewers cringed during last weekend’s Sunday show as a ‘vampire’ dancer pretend to suck blood from Jack’s neck whilst he performed Leona Lewis’s bleeding love!

You can watch the next live show by tuning into ITV 1  (below) for free at We wonder what Mel B’s poor acts will have to suffer next under her ‘creative’ guidance!

Meanwhile, this week’s Strictly Come Dancing will be co-hosted by Zoe Ball following the horrific accident that inhured the daughter of Claudia Winkleman.  Click here to Read more.


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