Oh God, Ginger Clam thought the world had ended when Kylie ‘hotter than an otter’ Jenner and Tyga officially got back together last month. Now it seems that the sexy reality star has got engaged to the teeny little rapping weener. Heaven help us.

On Thursday, Kylie posted a picture with Tyga and captioned it “Mr & Mrs”. Now, to make matters worse, she’s just posted a picture online sporting a huge engagement ring on her finger.

What a waste of a finger. Check out the image here:

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Fans bombarded the star asking if the engagement was official but Jenner did not reply. She was probably busy with Tyga’s other ‘ring’ on her finger. Watch the knuckle, baby.

It’s not the first time that the pair have teased fans with engagement rumours. Kylie showed off a huge sparkler late last year and people presumed a wedding was on the cards.

Now, after a long break apart, a source has told E! that their love is now stronger than ever. Puke.

The source said:

“They are definitely, officially, 100 per cent back on. They needed a reset. Kylie is happy. She feels like she needed the time apart but it’s fate. She can’t resist him and he can’t resist her. They are still so in love, so getting back together was relatively inevitable. They both knew that but needed their space to decompress and regroup and grow.”

What a load of boring bollocks. Time for an upgrade, Kylie. Ditch your little man and find some A-list Clam.

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