What a difference a good workout makes. In the photo above Lady Gaga says she’s pretty sure she was “completely wasted”.

But just a few hours later the Poker Face star was showing off her elasticated body during a yoga session in New York.

The 28-year-old singer bent herself double for the kind of pose that gets us all hot and bothered here at Ginger Clam HQ on TV Mix.

The picture, which shows Gaga’s bare butt cheeks, was apparently taken by her yoga teacher Tricia Donegan and then posted on Instagram (see below).

The singer reckons she needed the work-out to get rid of the effects of a pizza blow out the night before.

The only thing that’s troubling us is that we reckon she looks better BEFORE the workout, but then no self-respecting celeb should ever miss an opportunity to wave their ass.



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