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Goodbye, SNL monologues.

For decades, you were the backbone of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, softening the hearts of listless audience members who had waited hours for their seats. Like a trusty bottle of lube, you helped nervous hosts slide into their roles for the night, winning over your hearts and proving themselves worthy (or unworthy) of your laughter.

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But those days are long gone. Good monologues are now a pathetic shadow of what Lorne Michael’s SNL used to be. As we saw on Saturday’s episode (and almost every episode this season so far), Leonardo DiCaprio’s surprise appearance during Jonah Hill’s monologue is no longer a rare treat. The main stage has now become a crash pad for celebrities, the live television equivalent of photo bombing. And as often as not they are on the same promotional tour. Sure, surprise guests have been a staple in SNL’s history, but now they give the show’s writers an easy out.

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DiCaprio’s appearance was just one more nail in the SNL-monologue-coffin, and also proved that all he has to do it stand there to make women wet their seats. Thankfully, Hill’s success didn’t rely on DiCaprio’s cameo. Hill is a solid actor and held down the fort on his own. The rest of the episode was jam-packed with hilarious sketches, including Hill as a smartass 6-year-old, a seamless Weekend Update, and a welcome appearance by Michael Cera in the Her parody.

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