Poor old Elton John.  A recording of him reaching out to a prankster whom he thought was President Putin is simply toe-curling.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, the conversation begins with Elton gushing about what a privilege it is to talk to the ‘Russian leader’ about gay issues.

Russia has been branded homophobic by many activists, so the Rocket Man understandably jumped at the chance to take a phone call from Putin to argue the case for lesbian and gay rights.

Elton told an interpreter: “Tell him I am extremely honored that he is calling me and that I am speaking to him.”

Later the 68-year-old singer posted on Instagram saying that he was looking forward to meeting Putin face-to-face.

Only trouble is – the whole thing was bullshit. It wasn’t Putin and his aide on the line, it was a couple of Ruskie pranksters (bastards!!).

Worse still, the recording itself has now gone viral after surfacing at Mail Online – you can play it below.

Elton acted as decent human being so we know that we shouldn’t laugh … but maybe we will, well just a little.

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