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The former Israeli army recruit is now at the mercy of Man of Steel’s exclusive fitness trainer, Mark Twight. He’s a household name in the fitness world if you want to do things like turn the cast and crew of 300 into Spartan warriors or condition the hell out of U.S. Special Operations Forces to fight for survival.

While Wonder Woman may seem pretty low on the totem pole, Director Zack Snyder calls on Twight when he wants to whip his stars into shape. Twight was the unrelenting force behind Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, and Antje Traue when they needed to buff up for their roles in Man of Steel.

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Wonder Woman Boot Camp kicked off last week in Gadot’s home country of Israel, just a few weeks before Batman vs. Superman begins shooting in Michigan next month. Anyone who has previously criticized Gadot for being too skinny for the role of an Amazonian female superhero should duck behind a tree. Kung Fu, kickboxing, sword fighting, and jiu-jitsu are just a few of the treats Twight has lined up for Gadot to make a Wonder Woman out of her.

Still skeptical? Give her a chance. Gadot has even gotten the blessing of Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman herself. Carter starred in the popular ‘70s TV series and has no qualms about Gadot being cast for the role.

“I hope she has fun with it,” Carter said.

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Twight doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who boasts “fun” workouts on his resumé, but Gadot deserves credit for her dedication to the role. And she will probably kick your asshole into your face if you disagree.


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