Miss Piggy has released a brand new cover tune – but the choice of song might raise a few eyebrows.

The tune in question is “Hello” and it was of course written and sung by Adele, who’s previously been cruelly mocked by cyber trolls for her body shape.

She’s known for having a fuller physique, so the fact that a fictional pig is taking her role in a new music video might not go down too well.

Blog site Rumper highlighted the sensitive subject by saying: “Miss Piggy’s Adele impression left some people wondering if the spot was actually fat-shaming our favourite flawless singing goddess, intentionally or not.”

The video also features Kermit the frog and in fact it is pretty damn funny for the right reasons. As for anyone who mocks Adele, go f*** yourself. As Ginger Clam revealed a few days ago, Adele is smashing all records so why should she give a shit?

Watch the cover video below. Meanwhile, for great entertainment go to FilmOn.com for hundreds of free TV channels, including a whole list of music channels.

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