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In another case of German corporate arrogance and malfeasance on the heels of the Volkswagen scandal rocking the world, major cruise ship line Tui has revealed itself to be collaborating with pirates.

The joint venture of Tui AG and Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD of the United States, has contracted an unauthorized firm for hologram entertainment installation and services in blatant disregard of the international patent held my MDH Hologram. MDH announced the imminent filings of the suits today.

After months of talks between Tui and MDH about millions of dollars worth of contracts, the cruise ship line abruptly revealed it has hired a “cheaper” but illegal firm–violating international business practices and patent law around the world. MDH Hologram is filing lawsuits in Munich against Tui AG and in the U.S. against Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD.

Royal Caribbean is the cruise ship line that CNN dubbed, “The Floating Petri Dish” after an entire ship load of passengers fell ill to a mysterious gastrointestinal disease last year. RCC has also had problems with sexual violence on its ships, according to respected travel trade paper Skift. After three confirmed rapes on its ships in early 2014, it has shut down all reporting on such incidents.

“Royal Caribbean is one of the most important and biggest cruise ship lines in the world, so it is disappointing they would let themselves by dragged into this illegal activity by bad actors at Tui,” said Uwe Maass, inventor of the game changing hologram technology. “International courts and major corporations around the world have upheld our patent–so there really is no question: Tui and Royal Caribbean are in bed with thieves.”

Tui AG’s leadership has been rocked by uncertainty according to Reuters, as plans to elevate Joint Chief Executive Peter Long to head the travel group’s supervisory board were mysteriously scuttled last month. Timothy Martin Powell was also ousted after years on the board. With Executive Board Chairman Fritz Joussen desperately trying to right a ship he never quite got under control, it’s no wonder Tui has resorted to foul play in business.

“The German government should be deeply concerned as it will effect the perception of German goods, and indeed the good people of Germany, around the world,” said Giovanni Palma, CEO of MDH Hologram.

MDH has produced the news making hologram appearances being talked about around the world, from Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s massive hologram town hall campaign in India to Prince Charles’ appearance in Saudi Arabia, and hundreds of other projects in politics, military, business and entertainment.

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