Two Mongolian wrestling coaches went bat shit crazy last night, by stripping off to protest against the result of the bronze medal match at the Olympic games! Madness!

In the dying seconds of the bout, Wrestler, Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran, celebrated too early which subsequently resulted in a penalty point, meaning his opponent, Ikhtiyor Navruzov, won the Bronze medal!

F*** trying to pronounce those names – we bet the commentators had a blast!

Anyway, Whilst Ganzorigiin fell to his knees in disappointment,  his coaches threw the most almighty tantrum, by aggressively getting naked in front of the judges!

According to the Huffington Post, one of the coaches, Byambarenchin Bayaraa, said to reporters: “This was a protest. There was a problem with the refereeing… Three million people in Mongolia waited for this bronze medal and now we have no medal.”

If that’s how they settle things in Mongolia, then the Ginger Clam is booking a flight on the next plane!

Unfortunately the protest didn’t work but they crowd certainly loved it, they were shouting: “Mongolia, Mongolia!” There’s just something so beautiful about two countries unifying over a couple of naked fat dudes.

What a way to end the Olympics – we’re gutted it’s over but we couldn’t have asked for a better finish.

* Watch the wild video below and if you like crazy shit, head over to, where there are thousands of great clips to choose from, plus live pranks, dares and general mayhem.

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