What a cock-up! Japan’s Hiroki Ogita crashed out the Olympic games after he whacked his giant pole against the 5.3 metre high bar … and we don’t mean his vault, we’re talking about his weener!

The pole vaulter’s leg initially scraped the bar before his penis slugged over the top off it – graphic shit!

It’s a pole fault! But the guy’s now a YouTube sensation, and we expect he’s gained a few female followers – who will help him forget he didn’t win a medal.

However to avoid getting a bruised dick next time, we suggest vast amounts of duck tape to strap that bad boy down.

Hiroki will be known all over the world as ‘that guy who’s cock upstaged the Rio Olympics’! What a hero!

* Watch the viral video below from The Young Turks and if you love crazy shit then head to BattleCam.com – the anti-social network there are thousands of great videos and you can star in your own TV show.    

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