Oh dear, poor Double K, just when last weekend’s Glastonbury humiliation seemed to be fading into memory, a viral video is causing a global frenzy and ramping up the agony.

From flags depicting Kim’s sex tape to Kanye proclaiming himself a rock legend, it was a curious Glastonbury festival for the star couple. Now a clever video is exposing the true mess of Kanye’s attempt at Bohemian Rhapsody.

The YouTube mash-up shows Big K laugh at the start of the performance as he ATTEMPTED to get in tune, followed by footage of Freddie Mercury looking shocked before he bursts out giggling and performs the song properly himself.

The video is going viral around the world and has exposed Kanye’s vain claims to be a rock legend.

Blogger Sam Valorose made the hilarious video and is expected to make other similar clips soon. Music stars beware!

Some seriously funny comments are appearing on the video.

One user wrote:

“British Authorities are now requesting the extradition of Kanye West from the US to Britain, to stand trial for the callous, horrific, brutal murder of Bohemian Rhapsody.

It is feared that, should he remain at large, Kanye will murder more songs without pity or remorse.”

Kim is yet to comment on the video, she’s probably still trying to recover from the flag showing her sex tape with Ray J which was flown as Kanye did his Glastonbury stinker show.

Don’t worry KK, Ginger Clam still loves you.

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