As the nation mourns the passing of OJ Simpson, a lingering mystery looms over his finances, leaving his victims’ families grappling with unresolved debts. Despite a history of legal battles and financial woes, Simpson’s estate remains shrouded in secrecy, with questions arising about the whereabouts of his assets and the extent of his unpaid obligations.

Simpson, who passed away at the age of 76, left behind a trail of unpaid debts, including the $33.5 million civil judgment for the killings of Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Despite this staggering amount, Simpson had only paid a fraction of it before his death, leaving the Goldman family and his own children to navigate the complexities of his estate.

His financial troubles extended beyond civil judgments, with federal and state tax liens dating back to at least 2002. Public records reveal substantial debts, including $1,471,880 in unpaid California state taxes, contributing to a total owed to state and federal authorities surpassing $5 million.

Despite his financial struggles, Simpson maintained a lucrative side hustle through memorabilia signings and golf outings with fans, demanding cash payments for these services. The whereabouts of the proceeds from these activities remain unclear, adding another layer of complexity to his financial legacy.

Further complicating matters are the numerous limited liability companies (LLCs) associated with Simpson, managed by his longtime lawyer Leroy “Skip” Taft. These LLCs, bearing names like Orenthal Productions and Pigskins Inc., were reactivated in the months following his early release from parole in 2022, raising questions about their role in managing his finances and assets.

As the saga surrounding OJ Simpson’s estate unfolds, the true extent of his financial legacy and the fate of his unpaid debts remain uncertain, leaving his victims’ families and legal experts to navigate a complex web of financial intrigue.

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