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In honor of the 86th academy Awards tonight, let me present some alternatives, mixes or mash-ups to the Best Picture nominees available on FilmOn’s VOD service.

Instead of Wolf Of Wall Street, watch Dealers (1989):
Dealers is a British and much earlier counterpart to Martin Scorcese’s Wolf, with Daniel Pascoe (Withnail and I) and Rebecca De Mornay as City property and bond traders. Watch free here. 

Instead of Philomena, watch Black  Narcissus (1939):
This breathtaking early color classic from the Archers (Powell and Pressberger) shows you the dark shadows that exist behind the white nun’s robes, and more. Maybe you will forgive them like Dame Judy. Watch free here.

Instead of Her, watch Things To Come (1936):
If you like Spike Jonze’s ad-agency-stylish and/but kinky dystopian near-future romance can go bigger with Alexander Korda’s epic Things. Watch free here.

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Instead of American Hustle, watch Supervan (1977):
People just trying to make it work in the late 70’s early 80’s, in their own unique, entertaining, and kitsch, ways. Read more here.

Instead of Captain Phillips, watch Creature From the Haunted Sea (1961):
Roger Corman’s Haunted Sea features future super-scripter Robert Towne in a wacky nightmare cruise scenario. Watch free here. 

Instead of Dallas Buyer’s Club, watch That Certain Thing (1928):
The tale of down-home redemption for societal rejects resonates in Capra’s silent classic, That Certain Thing about 85 years earlier. Read more here.

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Instead of 12 Years A Slave, watch Brother From Another Planet (1984):
Brother speaks to many issue and images put forth in 12 Years, despite the ‘updated’ setting of early ’80s New York.  Read more here.

Instead of Nebraska watch The Over The Hill Gang (1969):
Over The Hill features Walter Brennan (tied with Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis for male actors with the most Oscars) amongst a classic elder bad-ass cast in a plot dealing with their younger offspring/replacements. In this film he was 75, Nebraska’s Bruce Dern was 77. Watch free here. 

Instead of Gravity watch Assignment Outer Space (1960):
Assignment has a similar plot, and what is loses in visual power it gains with less whining. Watch free here.

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