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This year Ellen Degeneres is back to host The Academy Awards and almost everyone is just as excited as we are about it.

Degeneres hosted the awards ceremony back in 2007 and maybe in order to make up for Seth MacFarlane’s ever-so-slightly-sexist performance last year, The Academy decided to have her host again.

Leading up to the show the comedian has had some of the best, albeit corny, jokes that she’s been tweeting out over the past few days. While not everyone is excited over Ellen’s hosting gig, here are some of her best Oscar jokes via Twitter. We can only imagine what quality material she has in store for the actual show.

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Even Ellen is obsessed with JLaw.

What movie was Streep in again?

Fashion first.

This category really should exist.

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Who’s U2?

These word play tweets are the best and corniest thing on the Internet, and we love them.

But for some reason not everyone seems to agree.

How!? And why!?

We really just don’t understand.

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