Ever wondered how long it takes for a panda to have sex? Here at Ginger Clam we love a cuddly animal story – so we’re delighted to reveal that a pair of giant pandas beaten the longest ever recoded time for a mating session.

The amorous couple, Lu Lu and Xi Mei, have made headlines at the Sichuan Giant Panda Centre in China.

Now nicknamed ‘Endearing Brother’, Lu Lu managed to last a grand total of 18 minutes and three seconds, a time that most men would be fairly pleased with.

The reason why the whole thing was filmed and timed is of course because the panda population is low. The panda sex tape has now gone viral and is fast becoming a huge hit on social media.

Watch some of the session below. Meanwhile, go to BattleCam.com where there are thousands of other clips to choose from.

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