Fresh from his recent success on The Late Late Show, James Corden has filmed a spoof underwear advert with David Beckham.

In case you missed it, the footage ooozes cheese and takes a sarcastic dig at Beckham’s many advertisements. The pair are seen pretending to promote a new line of underwear, called D&J Briefs (the letters standing for David and James, in case you did get it).

The clip, which has racked up millions of hits in the last couple of days, shows a trimmed Beckham together with a slightly less body-conscious Corden.

The ex-soccer player’s very straight face mixed with the slightly more energetic talk show host makes the clip hilarious.

The funniest moment is when the two interchange ‘deep’ words that should be associated with the briefs. “Supported, free, cradled, alive” are all mentioned before Corden comes out with…“sexually aroused”.

Becks then turns to him and says: “Excuse me?!” to which Corden replies “You heard”.

Watch the hilariously awkward clip below. Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of free online TV channels.

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