Good old Leonardo DiCaprio. First he turns up on a Caribbean island with a bevy of beauties in tow – and now the star has sent celebrity gossip junkies into a frenzy after reportedly getting personal with pop babe Rihanna.

A number of publications including Hollywood Life have speculated that Ri-Ri and Leo are dating. According to TMZ, two sources saw them kissing at designer Nikki Erwin’s star studded 30th birthday party at the Playboy mansion.

Here at Ginger Clam HQ at TV Mix, the news of the alleged hanky-panky has left us so hot that we wish somebody would throw a cold bucket of water over us.

DiCaprio is well known for living a playboy lifestyle as he regularly gets pictured on luxurious yachts, surrounded by countless women drinking champagne as they sit around him like hungry hyenas.

On the other hand, sources have told Dish Nation: “Leonardo and Rihanna are getting very close and she just adores him”

If that wasn’t enough the source added more fuel to the fire, by expanding: “So much so that word among her friends is that she has her sights set on him becoming her boyfriend.”

Rihanna is, of course, not famous for being the most committed companion since her split from Chris Brown, but who knows, maybe it takes a one player to calm another.

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