Being a pop star has many advantages, having a fan send you a video of himself whacking the salami may not be one of them.

Poor Rihanna has been viewing the kind of content you just don’t get on Netflix. The singer reportedly has a stalker who likes sending her footage of himself squashing his sausage.

The dude has also posted a picture standing outside Rihanna’s former home with the message, “Outside yo house.”

Perhaps he was bashing his bishop in her garden. And why not.

A search warrant obtained by TMZ states that the man had been stalking Rihanna for some time, sending her frightening messages between April and June of 2015.

He tweeted lovely messages like:

“Should have killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now.”


“I use guns, bout to get a gun license.”

The dude sounds like real marriage material. Unfortunately there will be no wedding bells in the short term, he’s currently locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

I guess the husband hunt must continue, Rihanna. Good luck.

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