In a fight between a pet cat and an alligator you’d be crazy to back the furry feline –  but here’s a viral video that might change your mind.

The clip begins with three mean-looking alligators by a pond – and then something seems to catch their eyes. As the camera pans round, you can see a little house cat sitting there while staring back at them with venom.

Now, you might think that the alligators would movie in for a little lunchtime snack, but instead it’s the cat that seems to have the biggest balls.

The footage has you on the edge of your seat as the cat slowly moves towards what seems like certain death. Just when you think one of the ‘gators is gonna destroy the little guy, he launches a jab and the reptile dives into the water.

What a pussy!

* You can watch the cute clip below – which is currently running up hundreds of thousands of views on social media platforms.  Meanwhile if you live crazy shit then head to, where there are thousands of great videos plus livee mayhem and stunts.

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