The big man himself- Shaquille O’Neal once dropped a whopping $1 million in a day after receiving a lucrative endorsement deal.

In a shocking interview with Graham Bensinger, which has recently gone viral again, Shaq revealed the mystery behind his wild spending spree.

He said: “I go buy a $150,000 car, no negotiations, guy could have told me 200,000, I would have bought it.

“I got a black Mercedes (…) I come home and my dad was like ‘that’s nice, where’s mine?” Being the cool dude he is, he obviously went back to the dealership and bought his father the same one!

After spending a casual $300,000, Shaq returned home again and was welcomed by his Mom, who said (you can guess): “Oh that’s nice, I don’t want one that big, I want a little one.” Well that’s one way to quickly spend $500k!!

Now that his parents were dealt with it was back to treating Shaq, who went on to purchase a shit tonne of gear just to look fresh for the new season!

Unsurprisingly the big-spender broke the bank as he forgot about being taxed on his handsome payment… he then made the wise choice and hired a financial advisor!

Shaq may be a lot smarter with money these days but he still can’t find a pair of trousers long enough!

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