While Ginger Clam will be busy emptying little Justin Bieber’s sack on Xmas morning, it seems like his pop rival Ed ‘ginger balls’ Sheeran will be facing a rather more serious situation.

The troubadour’s festive break is being overshadowed with major surgery planned to save his hearing.

“I have to have an operation in January on my ear because I stupidly jumped off a yacht really high up and smashed it,” Sheeran revealed in a new interview.

“I landed wrong, and it burst my eardrum so I have to go and get a graft, which means I’m not allowed to fly for a while, so it’s kind of good as it means I have to stay at home.”

Ginger Clam might now have to cancel her Bieber romance plans and play nurse to her fave little orange star instead.

Ed is clearly worried about what he is set to face. “It’s the most painful thing having a hole in your eardrum and having water go in,” he said. Now he’ll just have to clean his ears with a Dyson vacuum instead.

The star’s mega X (Multiply) Tour finished on 12 December in New Zealand and little Ed won’t tour again until next Autumn… If both ears are still attached to his head.

Good luck, baby!

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