Let’s be honest, no one likes a parking attendant.  They could easily let us off, but instead their job can turn them into assholes.

But a hilarious new prank video from Thinkmodo (the people behind the ‘Devil Baby video’) takes parking lot grief to a whole new level.

The video shows 28-year-old Jenni Ruiza, a 5 foot 3 inch lady, posing as a parking commandant. She approaches a taxi driver who has stopped at a bus station and asks him to move.

When he refuses she slaps him with a ticket and says: “You gotta move the car. You can’t be here. There’s a sign that says no standing!”

“Why should I move now? You just gave me a ticket!” The driver replies. “Take that ticket and shove it up your ass!”

This when it all kicks off as the woman moves to the front of the car and lifts it up off the ground to the amusement of passers-by.

The prank is repeated a number of times, and the reactions are priceless with one women saying: “It’s the Incredible Hulk!”

Watch the video below. Meanwhile, got to FilmOn.com for hundreds of free online TV channels.

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