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J.J. Abrams is making all the right moves on Star Wars: Episode VII by signing on Adam Driver.

The HBO Girls star is the first official cast member of the new Star Wars film. And even better, he’s playing a villain on the dark side. Driver has been making a name for himself beyond the HBO series that is actually just Sex and the City for chicks who graduated from New York University. He’s played supporting roles in a few Oscar magnets like this year’s nominee, Inside Llewyn Davis, and 2013’s Oscar-winning, Lincoln. The guy can actually act, and that already puts Star Wars: Episode VII off to a great start.

By adding Driver as the first official cast member, J.J. Abrams is telling Star Wars fans that they won’t be subjected to the painful, mediocre acting that plagued the other prequels. That message, in addition to teaming up with The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan, is making Star Wars: Episode VII sound more and more promising.

J.J., we’re picking up what you’re throwing down. And we like it.

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