What sort of a scumbag would rob a charity that helps under-privileged kids? Well in an amazing viral video that’s hit the web, a ‘thief’ who targets an orphanage turns out to actually be a knight in shining armour!

Serial prankster Roman Atwood usually creates his videos simply for laughs, but in this case he thought he would go down a different route.

JAFCO’s children’s village was the organisation that he decided to target by pretending someone had broken into their offices and and vandalised them.  Sounds like a cruel trick but there was a warm twist.

As the employees arrive for work they see their offices in a state, with shattered windows and security tape spread throughout. There is also a large team of ‘police officers’ and a lead detective.

The women react in shock, questioning who would do such a thing. And they get even more of a shock when Roman tells each one of them they are a suspect.

Just when things are looking bad they open up a door and find a room is filled with brand new computers and flat screens. None of them can quite comprehend what is going on until it is revealed that they have not been robbed, in fact they have been upgraded!

To top it all off Roman also opens a large sack containing computer tablets for the kids, and by doing so he tops off one of the most heart-warming pranks of the year.

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